The 10 most expensive countries

The 10 most expensive countries to drink a beer. If you are looking for a holiday or short break and you like to drink a beer, you might want to look at the top 10 Most affordable countries...

  1. Greenland £7.35
  2. Norway £6.78
  3. Qatar £6.00
  4. Israel £5.80
  5. Djibouti £5.48
  6. Singapore £5.20
  7. United Arab Emirates £5.03
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86
  10. Guadeloupe £4.80

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07-Jan-2013. Review posted for Bergen, Norway
Prices of beer in Norway | add a review
25-Jan-2010. Review posted for Doha, Qatar
Qatar is DRY like most of the middle east. Find an embassy or military base!
Prices of beer in Qatar | add a review
26-Apr-2013. Review posted for Ra'anana, Israel
The Downing 10 in Ra'anana , and all the other bars in town including the jems (boutique beer for 6 E) but there is only one bar the Devinci , over there they sell a pint for 5 Euro (which is also very expensive )
Prices of beer in Israel | add a review
27-Dec-2012. Review posted for Dallas, Djibouti
Absolutely love it! russische frauen
Prices of beer in Djibouti | add a review
17-Dec-2012. Review posted for Singapore, Singapore
Wow..Singa's beer is Top 4 most expensive! I totally agree. UNlike Chang Beer and Vietnam Beer only going at SGD1 in the foreign land...I love Chang Beer. Cheers to Thai Beer.
Prices of beer in Singapore | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Most bars in Dubai are attached to hotels, so you're going to pay 'over the odds' for a decent beer. Most major brands available.
Prices of beer in United Arab Emirates | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for , Sweden
Prices of beer in Sweden | add a review