The 10 most expensive countries

The 10 most expensive countries to drink a beer. If you are looking for a holiday or short break and you like to drink a beer, you might want to look at the top 10 Most affordable countries...

  1. Greenland £7.19
  2. Norway £6.89
  3. Qatar £6.39
  4. United Arab Emirates £5.90
  5. Israel £5.55
  6. Djibouti £5.48
  7. Singapore £5.40
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. Denmark £4.90
  10. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86

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13-May-2015. Review posted for nuuk, Greenland
Lovely pints ,lovely place and people ,cold doe
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Oslo, Norway
Great place to go and soooo many bars. There is one which is a bit of a cheesy place called "Tors Hammer" they do like a happy hour before 12 and its only £1/13KR a pint
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25-Jan-2010. Review posted for Doha, Qatar
Qatar is DRY like most of the middle east. Find an embassy or military base!
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Most bars in Dubai are attached to hotels, so you're going to pay 'over the odds' for a decent beer. Most major brands available.
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01-Mar-2014. Review posted for Haifa, Israel
Real nice place to hang out. Lots to do and see. Does not need to be expensive.
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07-Nov-2012. Review posted for airoli, Djibouti
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25-Nov-2013. Review posted for Singapore, Singapore
It is realle heineken
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Gothenburg, Sweden
We had a few beers in the Flying Scotsman and the Rose and Crown and many in a casino bar in one of the malls near the bus and train station, All were great with good food and beer prices ranging from 32 krona to 59 krona, 32 Krona being special offer all day till 7 on Carlsburg and at £2.50 not bad at all. At £4.50 for Guinness, I would say that is cheaper than I pay in English bars in the Med. I couldn\'t find the £8 pints anywhere! General prices outwith happy hours were 49 Krona - not bad at £3.70.
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Århus, Denmark
It is very very expensive at Åboulevarden. Don´t go there. But if you wan't beer you actually can afford, go to small bars in dark alleys. It´s gooooooooood...
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