The 10 most expensive countries

The 10 most expensive countries to drink a beer. If you are looking for a holiday or short break and you like to drink a beer, you might want to look at the top 10 Most affordable countries...

  1. Greenland £7.19
  2. Norway £6.89
  3. Qatar £6.39
  4. United Arab Emirates £5.90
  5. Israel £5.55
  6. Djibouti £5.48
  7. Singapore £5.40
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. Denmark £4.90
  10. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86

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13-May-2015. Review posted for nuuk, Greenland
Lovely pints ,lovely place and people ,cold doe
Prices of beer in Greenland | add a review
15-Jul-2013. Review posted for Oslo, Norway
A really good IPA that is becoming increasing popular here in Oslo, and has become one of my favorite beer for the time being.
Prices of beer in Norway | add a review
25-Jan-2010. Review posted for Doha, Qatar
Most star hotels serve alcohol in bars with limited entry rules. A pint would serve for 6-8USD. Sale and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited outside these Govt. licenced bars, and patrons are required to be on their best behaviour after a visit.
Prices of beer in Qatar | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Utter shit, Blackpool with more money, go to Thailand
Prices of beer in United Arab Emirates | add a review
06-Jul-2013. Review posted for jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel's capital city. A city with a past, present and future ... Fabulous! Israeli government imposed a new tax - 0.65 GBP, per liter of beer, a lot of fun for us!!!
Prices of beer in Israel | add a review
19-Aug-2012. Review posted for newyork, Djibouti
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Prices of beer in Djibouti | add a review
22-Apr-2017. Review posted for Singapore, Singapore
Most pubs sell Tiger on draught, but it's nondescript in style. A few places sell the locally made Archipelago, with a range including Czech-style lager and a good IPA. This is far more interesting and not more expensive.
Prices of beer in Singapore | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for lidkoping, Sweden
68 sk approx 5 quid a pint
Prices of beer in Sweden | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Copenhagen, Denmark
Beer in Denmark is definitely not 2.87 GBP a pint. If you drink in Nyhavn like most tourists it is 50 dkk which is about 4.50 GBP.
Prices of beer in Denmark | add a review