The 10 most expensive countries

The 10 most expensive countries to drink a beer. If you are looking for a holiday or short break and you like to drink a beer, you might want to look at the top 10 Most affordable countries...

  1. Greenland £7.19
  2. Norway £6.89
  3. Qatar £6.39
  4. United Arab Emirates £5.90
  5. Israel £5.60
  6. Singapore £5.50
  7. Djibouti £5.48
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. Denmark £4.91
  10. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86

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13-May-2015. Review posted for nuuk, Greenland
Lovely pints ,lovely place and people ,cold doe
Prices of beer in Greenland | add a review
07-Jan-2013. Review posted for Bodo, Norway
Its good
Prices of beer in Norway | add a review
25-Jan-2010. Review posted for ufam, Qatar
its nice
Prices of beer in Qatar | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Full of fit women, great night clubs, bars restaurants and all open till the early hours of the morning.
Prices of beer in United Arab Emirates | add a review
26-Apr-2013. Review posted for Ra'anana, Israel
The Downing 10 in Ra'anana , and all the other bars in town including the jems (boutique beer for 6 E) but there is only one bar the Devinci , over there they sell a pint for 5 Euro (which is also very expensive )
Prices of beer in Israel | add a review
17-Dec-2012. Review posted for Singapore, Singapore
Wow..Singa's beer is Top 4 most expensive! I totally agree. UNlike Chang Beer and Vietnam Beer only going at SGD1 in the foreign land...I love Chang Beer. Cheers to Thai Beer.
Prices of beer in Singapore | add a review
19-Aug-2012. Review posted for newyork, Djibouti
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Prices of beer in Djibouti | add a review
18-Jun-2013. Review posted for Malmo, Sweden
Knew it would be expensive in Sweden for a pint but not that expensive! Especially when Carlsberg is made not far away from where I was
Prices of beer in Sweden | add a review
01-Sep-2013. Review posted for Copenhagen, Denmark
This is the place to go for proper British ales if you get fed up of fizzy lager. Pricey, but worth every penny
Prices of beer in Denmark | add a review