The 10 most expensive countries

The 10 most expensive countries to drink a beer. If you are looking for a holiday or short break and you like to drink a beer, you might want to look at the top 10 Most affordable countries...

  1. Greenland £7.35
  2. Norway £6.78
  3. Qatar £6.00
  4. Israel £5.80
  5. Djibouti £5.48
  6. Singapore £5.20
  7. United Arab Emirates £5.03
  8. Sweden £5.00
  9. United_Arab_Emirates £4.86
  10. Guadeloupe £4.80

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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Evenes, Norway
Fantastic bars, great people, great looking women lokking to keep warm
Prices of beer in Norway | add a review
25-Jan-2010. Review posted for Doha, Qatar
Qatar is DRY like most of the middle east. Find an embassy or military base!
Prices of beer in Qatar | add a review
20-Sep-2013. Review posted for Netanya , Tel aviv, Israel
Beautifull City near the beach, lots of hotels, good for familes in vications
Prices of beer in Israel | add a review
27-Dec-2012. Review posted for Dallas, Djibouti
Absolutely love it! russische frauen
Prices of beer in Djibouti | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Singapore, Singapore
330cl Tiger beer 14 Singapore dollars
Prices of beer in Singapore | add a review
01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Full of fit women, great night clubs, bars restaurants and all open till the early hours of the morning.
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24-Jun-2013. Review posted for Stockholm, Sweden
0,4l Beers can be had in Stockholm for 27:- ($4usd) or less at the lower end establishments on the outer edges of central Stockholm. Check out Sveavägen, Sankt Eriksgatan in Fridhemsplan and around Götgatan in Södermalm. 0,5l bottled beer generally costs minimum 30-35:- ($5usd) at these places but can taste much better, I have drunk quite a few stale tasting draught (tap poured) beers but the bottled stuff is always good.
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