The 10 most affordable countries

Who doesn't like beer? Beer for men is like free sim cards or bargain items for women - we just can't get enough of it. It may need time before a man learns how to love it, but once you do it's hard to keep your hands away from a bottle. With this in mind, we give you the 10 most affordable countries to drink a beer. You are on the right track to a great holiday or short break, just book your ticket and get on your way...

  1. Tadjikistan £0.30
  2. Bhutan £0.36
  3. Burundi £0.37
  4. Korea N £0.38
  5. Madagascar £0.38
  6. Myanmar £0.38
  7. Rwanda £0.39
  8. Ethiopia £0.43
  9. Congo DR £0.44
  10. Panama £0.45

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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for ?, Tadjikistan
cor..who\'d want go there for a beer?
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03-Dec-2012. Review posted for Louis Vuitton, Bhutan
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04-Jan-2014. Review posted for pyongyang, Korea N
Taedonggang is extremely cheap and better (thanks to the former Ushers UK brewery) than the very expensive imported stuff like Heineken.
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28-Nov-2012. Review posted for Yangon, Myanmar
I agree with Jonny that the Myanmar Lager is well drinkable, both from the bottle and from tap. Prices though... are rocketing, with 1500 Ks (1.75 $) in the supermarket and mostly 2000 Ks (2.40 $) in bars and kiosks. Dagon is the low key beer, and with 1000 Ks/1.20$ supermarket price considerably cheaper. It's though still waiting in the fridge to be tested...
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09-Jan-2013. Review posted for, Rwanda
want set of earphones which might be cozy in addition healthy headphones You certainly
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for Adis Ababa, Ethiopia
That\'s it, I\'m off to ethiopia. 2p a pint.
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01-Jan-1970. Review posted for David, Panama
Thruout northern Panama you're in a rain forest. Bars are open air. Cost of a local beer like Balboa is $.45 US. Not much alcohol, but refreshing just the same. Watch out for the drunken locals who think every foreigner should buy them a beer.
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