Baku, Azerbaijan

Lager in Baku is £1.5 GBP

Average using prices from 18 user(s).

Popular brands

Xirdalan,Efes,33 export

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Brand Price
Unknown £0.5 GBP
Unknown £0.6 GBP
33 Export £0.5 GBP
Local £0.1 GBP
Imported Heinecken £1 GBP
Xirdalan £1.5 GBP
Effes £2 GBP
Efes £2 GBP
Unknown £2.76 GBP
Unknown £2.76 GBP
Unknown £2.55 GBP
Stella, Heineken, Miller, Corona, Xirdal £2.99 GBP
Unknown £0.13 GBP
Efes £4.24 GBP
Guiness £4 GBP
Xirdalan Draught £1.5 GBP
Xirdalan £0.68 GBP
Xirdalan £0.4 GBP


Added on 14-Oct-2019
Sport pub beer dad

Added on 23-Nov-2016
Very nice local beer a kin to pilsner Urquell

Added on 06-Apr-2016
Lovely beer, Great city!

Added on 26-Apr-2013
Usually 5 manats in a bar

Added on 01-Jan-1970
nice irish bar in the centre of town. great atmosphere and loads of ex pat. brits in there from the local oil fields.