Warsaw, Poland

Lager in Warsaw is £1.69 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £1.69 GBP
Unknown £1.22 GBP
Tyskie £1.69 GBP
Tysky £2 GBP
Żywiec £0.85 GBP
Unknown £1.69 GBP
Zywiec £2 GBP
Żywiec £1.83 GBP
Unknown £1.83 GBP
Zywiec £1.34 GBP
Żywiec £1.74 GBP
Zwiec £1 GBP
Unknown £1.54 GBP
Unknown £1.25 GBP
Zywiec £1.81 GBP


Added on 13-Mar-2013
Average price of a recent four day trip to Warsaw. Average price was 8-9 zloty per 500ml glass. Thanks.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Don't believe those prices- pint costs on average £1.50 but can be found in bars for £1.00

Added on 01-Jan-1970
In the more expensive bars it might cost you 1.50GBP but in most places it's under a pound. Cheap beer and the most fantastic women, what more could you want.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Chopins Bar. Scenic setting where the famous composer frequented.Whats so special about the key from behind the bar?

Added on 01-Jan-1970
You'll pay around £1.50GBP for a pint in Warsaw but around half of outwith the capital, except Krakow which is around £1 a pint.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Pretty standard price in warsaw, not bad and most women there are stunning.