Vientiane, Laos

Lager in Vientiane is £0.61 GBP

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Beer Lao,Beerlao,Beer Laos

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Brand Price
Unknown £0.58 GBP
Beer Lao £0.23 GBP
Beerlao £0.49 GBP
Beer Lao £0.53 GBP
Beer Lao £0.61 GBP
Beer Laos £0.8 GBP
Beer Lao £0.76 GBP
Beer Lao £0.82 GBP
Beerlao £0.84 GBP


Added on 03-Jan-2014
"Beerlao"(540ml) LAK9,000-LAK11,000 (USD1.1-USD1.3) at bars and restaurants for locals.

Added on 01-Jul-2013
65 cc bottle pils is 1euro

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Beer Laos is the best you can buy - however if you want real Lao avoid Vang Vieng since it's purely a backpackers haunt can't even buy 'real' Lao food. Unfortunate but true. In Vientiane there is many a good bar and I'm not talking about Kop Jai Deu (next to the fountain) - overpriced and full of tourists. Buy 12 x 600ml bottle of Beer Lao (= 1 crate) from the local (well to me anyway) shop and it'll cost you 65000kip. So one 600ml is 28.5p - so 1 pint = 26.5p