Tromsø, Norway

Lager in Tromsø is £5.97 GBP

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Mack,Carslberg 0,5 Liter

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Brand Price
Mack £5.93 GBP
Mack £6.78 GBP
Unknown £6 GBP
Unknown £5.08 GBP
Mack £8 GBP
Mack £8 GBP
Carslberg 0,5 Liter £4.88 GBP
Mack £5 GBP


Added on 20-May-2013
Tromso then 1000km north to Longyearbyen this is Svalbard it is duty free. You have a fixed limit in beer and spirits from the off licence for your stay but can buy as much wine as you like. Bars are not badly priced for 78 degrees north compared to mainland prices. Everything else is expensive due to transport cost.