Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lager in Ljubljana is £1.78 GBP

Average using prices from 25 user(s).

Popular brands

UNION,laško,Union, LaÅ¡ko

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Brand Price
Union, Laško £1.69 GBP
Union, LaÅ¡ko £1.57 GBP
Unknown £1.57 GBP
Unknown £2.36 GBP
Union, LaÅ¡ko £1.57 GBP
Unknown £1.97 GBP
Lasko - The Best! £1.95 GBP
Unknown £1.69 GBP
Laško £1.78 GBP
Union, Lasko £1.86 GBP
Unknown £1.69 GBP
Union £2.54 GBP
Union £1.69 GBP
Unknown £2.37 GBP
Unknown £1.69 GBP
Unknown £1.5 GBP
Union £2.5 GBP
Laško £2.54 GBP
Unknown £1.74 GBP
Lasko £2.17 GBP
Union £2.61 GBP
Union Svetel £2.17 GBP


Added on 11-Aug-2018
The prices for Slovenia are way too low on this site, average price in LJ is 2,5, which should also be the average price for a pint in Slovenia, I have never seen a beer below 2 euros in Slovenia. SO those of you who are giving these incredibly low prices for beer, please specify where you are getting such low beer

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Average price for local brands of beer(bottle or tap) in the center of Ljubljana.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Visit outside pubs in the center of the city - by river Ljubljanica - great views, great parties...

Added on 01-Jan-1970
I lived there 6 years, so hopefully know what I am talking about. First, there are 2 widely distributed Slovene producers: Union and Lasko (pronounced Lashko). The common brands are Union and Zlatorog, but everyone just says Lasko, not Zlatorog. Union is made in Ljubljana, using the same well as the city uses for its tap water. This is not a good thing. I drank a lot of tap water there, but I know it does not test well against other Euro cities. Stick with the much better tasting Lasko. Finally, don't miss Kratochwill, a brew pub with three locations. The one in center and the one in the BTC mall area are great. They have lager, dark (I enjoy them mixed half / half) and weiss beer (try saying psheneechno pivo!) If you have transportation to roam outside the city, ask for directions to Adam Ravbar brewpub.