Liverpool, United Kingdom

Lager in Liverpool is £2.83 GBP

Average using prices from 22 user(s).

Popular brands

Carling,cask beers,Bud, Becks Vier

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Brand Price
Carlings £1.65 GBP
Unknown £2.25 GBP
Stella £2.5 GBP
Harp (Ireland) £2.8 GBP
Carling £2 GBP
Bottled Beer In City Centre Bars £3 GBP
Bud, Becks Vier £2.7 GBP
Any £3 GBP
All £1.4 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Fosters £2.65 GBP
Unknown £2.7 GBP
Unknown £3.2 GBP
Real Ales/Cask Ales £3 GBP
Estrella £4 GBP
Carling £3.3 GBP
Quelmes £3.6 GBP
Peroni £3.8 GBP
Any Real Ale £2.5 GBP
Cask Beers £2.85 GBP
Cask Beers £2.85 GBP
Heineken £3.6 GBP


Added on 09-Aug-2014
City center Bars much more expensive than out of town pubs.

Added on 08-May-2014
Cask ales and European pilsners rub shoulders with lager and keg beer.

Added on 04-Jun-2013
Carling, Fosters

Added on 01-Jan-1970
liverpool is great

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The Glass House on the outskirts of Liverpool is a modern bright contempory bar that you would not want to miss. It is unique in it's design. ~A pint is 1.80