Lima, Peru

Lager in Lima is £1 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £1.01 GBP
Unknown £0.5 GBP
Cristal £0.8 GBP
Cuzquena £0.75 GBP
Cusqueña £1 GBP
Cuesquena £2.44 GBP
Unknown £2.01 GBP


Added on 25-Nov-2012
Don´t stick to boring Miraflores. The centre and Barranco are much nicer. Eat ceviche as a hangover cure as the locals do. Try it even if you think you won´t like it, it´s delicious, addictive and safe to eat - the lime juice would kill any germs and the fish is always fresh.

Added on 25-Nov-2012
An individual 330 ml bokkle of beer in a touristy Lima bar usually costs 7 soles, about 1.70 sterling. Locals buy litre bottles in cheaper places for 10 soles!