Krakow, Poland

Lager in Krakow is £1.5 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £1.27 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Zywiec £3.85 GBP
Å»ywiec £1 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Tyskie £2 GBP
Local £1.2 GBP
Unknown £1.57 GBP
Unknown £1.5 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Tyskie £0.51 GBP
Żywiec £1.69 GBP
Redds £0.59 GBP
Zywiec £0.85 GBP
Unknown £1.8 GBP
Zywiec £1.19 GBP
Zywiec £1.63 GBP
Żywiec,Okocim,Tyskie £0.61 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Unknown £1.5 GBP
Lech £0.91 GBP
Zywiec £0.75 GBP
Okocim £2.16 GBP
Okocim £2.16 GBP
Okocim £2.16 GBP
Zywiec £1.6 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Zvyec £2 GBP
Zywiec £1.34 GBP
Zywiech £1.45 GBP
Tyskie, Lech £1.57 GBP


Added on 28-Aug-2016
Go the Kraków , and Wroclaw The heat is fantastic and cheap beer and 5 * hotels is fantastic . Every body good at English and very friendly

Added on 10-Oct-2015
It is very cheap in the Jewish quarter and a good night out.

Added on 27-Jan-2015
Just about every bar it was 8 zloty for a beer. The cheapest I came across was 5.5 zloty during happy hour and the most expensive was 10 zloty in a good resturant

Added on 30-Sep-2013
8 zlotys is the average price.can get a beer down the old jewish quarter for 5 zlotys if tou look around.

Added on 15-Jan-2013
expensive in the city centre

Added on 20-Nov-2012
Cheap to get to from the UK, cheap for accommodation and accommodation is excellent if you book a little in advance and the beer is cheap. Paying from £0.90 - £2.00 maximum in February 2012. I've just booked for New Year and this will be my Eighth time in Krakow. I just keep going back.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Prices in most pubs between 5-7 zloty for a pint.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
poland is shut coz their all over here nicking our jobs - blair has alot to answer for

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Watch for the Zwyiec Porter - blows your head off

Added on 01-Jan-1970
them prices are wrong i remember getting 4 pints and a double vodka red bull for 18 zlotys

Added on 01-Jan-1970
cheap as chips