Istanbul, Turkey

Lager in Istanbul is £2.49 GBP

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Efes,Efes Pilsen,effes

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Brand Price
Efes, Tuborg £1.83 GBP
Efes Pilsen £0.85 GBP
Effes £3.5 GBP
Unknown £0.85 GBP
Unknown £2.54 GBP
Efes Pilsen £2.44 GBP
Efes £3 GBP
Efes £1.3 GBP
Efes,tubourg £1.69 GBP
Efes £1.02 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Efes Pilsen £3 GBP
Unknown £2.08 GBP
Effes £3 GBP
Effes £3.65 GBP
Efes £2.68 GBP
EFES £3.77 GBP
Efes £2.21 GBP
Efes £4.1 GBP
Efes Pilsen £0.67 GBP


Added on 18-Dec-2015
Price was from a chain called The North Shield, which is more expensive than anywhere else really.

Added on 11-Nov-2014
Efes 50 cl.

Added on 06-Jan-2014

Added on 10-Nov-2013
Just got back from a trip through the wonderful country of Turkey. I usually paid 4.50 TL for 500ml cans of Efes in shops and 8.00 TL- 10 TL in restaurants even in Istanbul. I didn't go out to clubs so I don't know what that would cost. I am writing from Canada and I can say it is easier buying beer in Turkey than it is in my homeland.The prices are comparable to Canada too.

Added on 11-Apr-2013
Large Effes is 10 TL min in Istanbul with a small going for about 7 TL (£2.55) - that doesn't include the nuts, carrots and other paraphernalia they try to add to your bill!

Added on 07-Dec-2012
most common beer brand in turkey

Added on 24-Sep-2012
Temizlik, temizlik firmaları, Temizlik şirketleri