Glasgow, United Kingdom

Lager in Glasgow is £2.9 GBP

Average using prices from 28 user(s).

Popular brands

Tennents,Tennents Lager,Carling

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Brand Price
Tennents £2.7 GBP
Bugger Me And Rob Me Blind £3 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Heiniken £3.9 GBP
Tennents £2.04 GBP
Stella £2.5 GBP
Tennents £2.25 GBP
Unknown £3.1 GBP
Tennents £3.05 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Any £2 GBP
Tennents Lager £2.8 GBP
Tennents £2.75 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Tennents £3 GBP
Tennents £3.3 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Tennents £2.7 GBP
Pilsner Urquell £3.95 GBP
Tennents £2 GBP
Carling £3.1 GBP
Tennents £3.9 GBP
Tennants £2 GBP
Tennents £2.1 GBP
Tennents Lager £3 GBP
Unknown £3.5 GBP
Staropramen £4.2 GBP
Carling £2.99 GBP


Added on 30-Jan-2024
Glasgow University Union

Added on 23-Oct-2013
Scottish beer

Added on 24-Jul-2013
Lovely brand and locally brewed so dont know why it's so expensive at the tap. Only complaint is its a bit gassy if drank out of the can

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Cheapest in town is Sports Cafe, during day only 1.20 pint of Carlsberg, Tennents is 1.59 in Goose on Union St, "trendy" (the ones with office workers buying ridiculously small plates of food for a tenner) bars charge from 2.50 upwards. £2 is average price to pay.