Doha, Qatar

Lager in Doha is £6.39 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £3.27 GBP
Guiness £3.94 GBP
Vb £4 GBP
Fosters £6 GBP
All £5.85 GBP
Amstel £6 GBP
Heineken £7.93 GBP
Unknown £7 GBP
Fosters £7 GBP
Fosters £8.22 GBP
Heineken, Tiger, Carlsberg £7.05 GBP
Stella Artois £6.78 GBP


Added on 21-Mar-2015
Heineken, Carlsberg, Stella, Guinness, Fosters on Draught and many varieties of bottled beers. Prices vary from 6-10 quid a pint

Added on 25-Feb-2015
Beers are about 40 riyals at every bar in town except the Rugby Club and maybe a few places in Old Doha. You can find London Pride for cheaper but you're looking at $10+ almost everywhere for everything outside of happy hours.

Added on 25-Jan-2010
Qatar is DRY like most of the middle east. Find an embassy or military base!

Added on 25-Jan-2010
Most star hotels serve alcohol in bars with limited entry rules. A pint would serve for 6-8USD. Sale and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited outside these Govt. licenced bars, and patrons are required to be on their best behaviour after a visit.