Chisinau, Moldova

Lager in Chisinau is £0.58 GBP

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Unknown £0.5 GBP
Unknown £0.5 GBP
Unknown £0.71 GBP
Unknown £0.79 GBP
Chisinau £0.55 GBP
Chisinau £0.61 GBP


Added on 03-Sep-2012
As ever much depends where you drink and what you drink. You can buy a beer (half litre) from a street stall, draft or bottle for less than 50p. Local beer (i.e. Chisinau) in bars can range from 75p to £1.25, but some bars either do not stock local beer or pretend not to, so you are drinking imported beers and the price ranges, dependent on the beer, £2 to £3.50.