Berlin, Germany

Lager in Berlin is £2.52 GBP

Average using prices from 24 user(s).

Popular brands

Berliner,Berliner Pilsner,Schultheiss

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Brand Price
Austiner, Warsteiner, £1.69 GBP
Berliner £2.05 GBP
Berliner £2.05 GBP
Beliner £5 GBP
Unknown £2.71 GBP
Average Bar Price £2.54 GBP
Unknown £2.37 GBP
Unknown £3.39 GBP
Berliner £1.9 GBP
Unknown £2.54 GBP
Paulander £3.56 GBP
Schultheiss £1.69 GBP
Berliner Pilsener £2.54 GBP
Becks £2.12 GBP
Schultheiss £2.37 GBP
Jever £2.61 GBP
Berliner £0.87 GBP
Local Brew £2.5 GBP
Sterni £2.17 GBP
Berliner Kindl £1.74 GBP
Berliner £3.39 GBP
Berlina Pilsner £4.35 GBP
Berliner Pilsner £3.04 GBP
Berliner Pilsner £2.61 GBP


Added on 05-Apr-2017
Expensive city. Craft beer costs up to €9.

Added on 02-Sep-2016
Loal prices in Lichtenberg.

Added on 05-Aug-2015
Cheapest stuff around

Added on 18-Mar-2013
I see a good and cheap beer for only 2USD in this great Fish restaurant Fischölkapseln buy it and try it!