Lager in Finland is £4.24 GBP

Average using prices from 98 user(s).

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About these prices
The price is set by the visitors by pressing the link above. It uses the average price of all user prices, so the more users who set the price, the more accurate it should be! The average price for each city submited is also shown.

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City Price
Espoo £4.35 GBP
Hameenlinna £4.24 GBP
Helsinki £4.85 GBP
Imatra £3.39 GBP
Jämsä £4.35 GBP
Joensuu £4.72 GBP
Jyväskylä £3.39 GBP
Kerava £3.48 GBP
Konnevesi £4.24 GBP
Kouvola £3.39 GBP
Kuopio £3.15 GBP
Kyyjärvi £4.24 GBP
Lahti £4.24 GBP
Lammi £4.35 GBP
Lohja £3.81 GBP
Loimaa £3.39 GBP
Luvia £2.54 GBP
Mikkeli £3.39 GBP
Orimattila £4.78 GBP
Oulu £4.26 GBP
Pietarsaari £3.39 GBP
Porvoo £3.39 GBP
Riihimaki £4.07 GBP
Rovaniemi £3.77 GBP
Seinäjoki £3.39 GBP
Tampere £4.24 GBP
Turku £3.39 GBP
Urjala £4.78 GBP
Vaasa £5.08 GBP
Varkaus £0.85 GBP
Vuorela £4.24 GBP