Lager in Canada is $4.59 CAD

Average using prices from user(s).

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Guinness,guiness ,Export
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About these prices
The price is set by the visitors by pressing the link above. It uses the average price of all user prices, so the more users who set the price, the more accurate it should be! The average price for each city submited is also shown.

Dont forget to add the price if you have had a drink here recently.

City Price
Amherst $3.3 CAD
Burlington $4.13 CAD
Calgary $6.41 CAD
Cavendish $5.78 CAD
Charlottetown $6.4 CAD
Delta $1.24 CAD
Edmonton $3.72 CAD
Fernie $4.13 CAD
Fort McMurray $5.22 CAD
Fort St. John $9.5 CAD
Fredricton $3.99 CAD
Gatineau $4.79 CAD
Granby $5.49 CAD
Grande Prairie $3.52 CAD
Gravenhurst $4.45 CAD
Guelph $4.21 CAD
Halifax $6 CAD
Hamilton $3.3 CAD
Kamloops $4.13 CAD
Kelowna $3.72 CAD
Kitchener $2.92 CAD
Lethbridge $3.93 CAD
London $4.54 CAD
Medicine Hat $4.5 CAD
Montreal $5.17 CAD
Ottawa $5.37 CAD
Pender Island $3.93 CAD
Penticton $5.25 CAD
Port Hawksbury $3.41 CAD
Prince George $4.54 CAD
Quebec $5.78 CAD
Quenec City $9 CAD
Regina $4.96 CAD
Saskatoon $4.96 CAD
St John $3.72 CAD
St John's Unpriced
St Stephen $4.54 CAD
St. John's Unpriced
Toronto $5.69 CAD
Vancouver $4.76 CAD
Victoria $4.65 CAD
Walkerton $3.69 CAD
Waterloo $4.97 CAD
West Kelowna $3.3 CAD
Westbank $3.52 CAD
Whitby $2.07 CAD
Windsor $4.65 CAD
Winnipeg $4.54 CAD
Yellowknife $9.93 CAD