Shiraz, Iran

Lager in Shiraz is £4.27 GBP

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Popular brands

Tuborg,Budweizer,Home maid

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Brand Price
Tuborg £4.27 GBP
Tuborg £4.27 GBP
Tuborg £4.27 GBP
Tuborg £4.03 GBP
Budweizer £4.7 GBP
Home Maid £1.01 GBP
Home Made Beer £1.14 GBP
Budweizer £4.56 GBP


Added on 19-Apr-2015
Alcohol is illegal but epidemic in the city specially on the weekends even when drive

Added on 19-Apr-2015
Home made wine and beer is popular in Shiraz. The beer is prepared by adding yeast and process malt beverage.I suprised it was realy tasty and strong enough. 330cc bottle 1.5 to 1.8 USD

Added on 19-Apr-2015
330cc Can

Added on 13-Jul-2013
att all iran is a vey expensive country