Karlsruhe, Germany

Lager in Karlsruhe is €3 EUR

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Hoepfner,Pilsner,Hoepfner Pilsener

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Brand Price
Pilsner €2.71 EUR
Hoepfner €3 EUR
Hoepfner Pilsener €3 EUR


Added on 30-Aug-2018
Most 0,5L Beers between 3,70 - 4,20 EUR. In some hipper bars up to 4,90 EUR.

Added on 07-Apr-2017
Many bars and restaurants serve the local Hoepfner Beer. It's not the best, but it's drinkable. Price in Karlsruhe varies between 3,50 and 4,20 (for 0,5l). In some stundet bars you get draft local beer for 2,50 EUR (Karlsruher Naturtrüb)

Added on 26-Dec-2012
Average price in Karlsruhe 2,50 - 3,70€

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The Vogelbrauerie in Karlsruhe, Ettlingen or Durlach is the place to go.