Hobart, Australia

Lager in Hobart is $6.55 AUD

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Popular brands

Cascade,Cascade, Boags,James Boags Draught

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Brand Price
Cascade $7.37 AUD
Cascade $5.72 AUD
Cascade $4.38 AUD
Cascade $4.38 AUD
James Boags Draught $8.99 AUD
Cascade, Boags $10 AUD


Added on 03-Jun-2013
Pretty standard full-strength beer, hobart is probably one of the cheaper places in Australia

Added on 26-Apr-2013
local beer brewed in the city, pub was doing pints for 5AUD (around 3 pounds) was a bloody good drop and ice cold.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
New Sydney - $7.50