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Hellenic lager beer 4,7% and 5% ABV. Available on draught, Bottle 330ml, 500ml and can 330ml, 500ml. The Mythos brew recipe results from a combination of the expertise of the Greek Master Brewer of Mythos Brewery with the collective know how that the brewery built through years of cooperation with some of the top European Schools of Brewing, like the German, the Irish, the Danish, and the French. Brewing know how, blended with deep understanding of consumer preferences, comprised a key ingredient for Mythos' success. After numerous internal taste tests, as well as external tastings among consumer groups, the brewing team finalized the authentic recipe, thus creating a refreshing easy to drink beer characterized by a fruity aroma, bright golden color and rich head. In 2001, Mythos received the Gold Award in the Canadian "2001 Interbeer International Beer and Whiskey Competition" following blind taste tests among 200 participating beers & whiskies. And in 2008, Mythos is recognized once more! Its uniqu

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