Lager in Australia is £4.41 GBP

Average using prices from user(s).

Popular brands

Carlton draught,Coopers,carlton
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About these prices
The price is set by the visitors by pressing the link above. It uses the average price of all user prices, so the more users who set the price, the more accurate it should be! The average price for each city submited is also shown.

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City Price
Adelaide £2.99 GBP
Airlie Beach £3.92 GBP
Alice Springs £2.45 GBP
Ballarat £2.83 GBP
Belgium Beer Cafe £7.84 GBP
Bendigo £1.86 GBP
Brisbane £3.68 GBP
Broome £8.22 GBP
Bundoora £1.72 GBP
Canberra £4.31 GBP
Childers £1.76 GBP
Cottesloe £0.25 GBP
Darwin £4.3 GBP
Drinkandawank £3.08 GBP
Dubbo £2.3 GBP
Fortitude Valley £4.66 GBP
Fremantle £5.54 GBP
Geelong £3.82 GBP
Gold Coast £3.31 GBP
Hervey Bay £2.7 GBP
Hobart £4.48 GBP
Hobart CBD £2.7 GBP
Karratha £8.56 GBP
Launceston £5 GBP
Logan £4.79 GBP
Mackay £0.98 GBP
Melbourne £5 GBP
Minto £2.25 GBP
Mullumbimby £2.35 GBP
New South Wales £3.42 GBP
Newcastle £2.6 GBP
Nullarbor £4.66 GBP
Perth £5.39 GBP
Port Douglas £5.48 GBP
Swifts Creek £1.76 GBP
Sydney £3.6 GBP
Taree £1.47 GBP
Victoria £3.42 GBP
Walgett £1.66 GBP
Warrnambool £6.99 GBP
Willywanger £0.1 GBP
Wollongong £2.06 GBP