Victoria, Canada

Lager in Victoria is £3.04 GBP

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Kokanee, Canadian,Local,domestic / microbrew

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Brand Price
Kokanee, Canadian £2.97 GBP
Kokanee, Canadian £2.97 GBP
Unknown £3.24 GBP
Unknown £2.97 GBP
Domestic / Microbrew £3.11 GBP
Local £3.92 GBP


Added on 12-Aug-2013
This summer the best deals for locally brewed onsite beer is at Swan's Pub. Wednesday is Jug day all jugs are $12, other days they have a pint for $4.50, everywhere else seems to be in the 6-7 dollar range, the prices this year have shot up too quick.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
10 bucks for a pint? That's just making us look bad. I think he meant a pitcher.