Vancouver, Canada

Lager in Vancouver is £3.11 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £3 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Sleemann £3.11 GBP
Canadian £2.7 GBP
Unknown £2.97 GBP
Local/craft £4.59 GBP
Boddingtons Pub Ale £1.63 GBP
Unknown £3.27 GBP
Boyne £4.08 GBP
Guiness £5.1 GBP
Craft Beers £4.9 GBP


Added on 05-Nov-2015
This is at stateside Craft in East Van

Added on 23-Oct-2015
Decent Pint at the Butcher and Bullock downtown.

Added on 25-Jun-2015
In Vancouver, only the cheapest of lager pints can be found at sketchy bars for less than $4.50. Generally, pints range from $5 for low-end (PBR) to $7.50+ for higher-end locals or imports (guinness is notoriously pricey, sometimes going for $8+). On average I probably pay $6.25 for a solid pint of solid beer.

Added on 22-Sep-2012
Biercraft, beautiful Belgian beers but we're talking $9-13 for a 355 ml bottle. I think it's outrageous. It drives you to the BC Bud.