Toronto, Canada

Lager in Toronto is £3.78 GBP

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Popular brands

Guinness,Molson Canadian,domestic draught

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Brand Price
Carlsberg £2.35 GBP
Bud £2.35 GBP
Molson Canadian £3 GBP
Canadian £2.75 GBP
Domestic £2.43 GBP
Stella Artois £3.65 GBP
London Pride £3.78 GBP
Deluxe Canadian Beers £3.51 GBP
Rickards Red £3.38 GBP
Unknown £2 GBP
Coors Light £2.99 GBP
Guinness £4.59 GBP
3 Brewers £4.19 GBP
Guinness £4.05 GBP
Unknown £3.78 GBP
Molson Canadian £4.4 GBP
Unknown £4.6 GBP
MillStreet £5.23 GBP
Labatts Blue £3.59 GBP
Domestic Draught £4.58 GBP
Domestic Draught £4.58 GBP
Guinness £5.23 GBP
Unknown £4.58 GBP


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Added on 01-Jan-1970
nice looking women, nice bars weak drinks

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The local Canadian beer in this country is horrible and costs about 4-6$/pint. I love my country, but we still need to work on our beer.