Sydney, Australia

Lager in Sydney is £3.92 GBP

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Brand Price
Hahn £3.43 GBP
Tooheys New £2.45 GBP
Hahn £3.43 GBP
Hahn £3.43 GBP
Unknown £1.47 GBP
Unknown £2.21 GBP
Tooheys £2.76 GBP
Normal Strength £2.76 GBP
Unknown £3.69 GBP
Tooheys £2.94 GBP
Unknown £2.45 GBP
James Squires Amber Ale £3.19 GBP
Carlton £2.16 GBP
Squires £3.92 GBP
Pure Blonde £2.45 GBP
IPA £4.31 GBP
Any £3.5 GBP
Tooheys New £3.19 GBP
Coopers £4.28 GBP
John Smith £3.5 GBP
Resches Pilsener £2.45 GBP
Hoegarden £6.86 GBP
Old £2.21 GBP
Lager £8 GBP
Unknown £5 GBP
Any £6 GBP
Fat Yak £4.41 GBP
Carlton £3.92 GBP
Coopers Pale Ale £4.41 GBP
Tootheys £5.88 GBP
Unknown £8.82 GBP
Stella £4.79 GBP
Unknown £7 GBP
Tooheys £6.51 GBP
Unknown £5 GBP
Carlton £5.48 GBP
Guiness £4.79 GBP
Golden Ipa £8.22 GBP
Unknown £6.85 GBP


Added on 11-Feb-2018
Pint in the brew pub, the endevour

Added on 25-Jun-2016
Porterhouse in Darlinghurst. $7 Guinness

Added on 30-Aug-2012
Most pubs "schooners" as the most popular size beer - it is about 2/3 of a pint. Yeah you can pay $8 Aust $ in the yuppie bars & nightclubs - but your average pub sell schooners for between $3.50-$5.00. $5 = about 3 quid (UK) as at Sept 2012.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Bad beer

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Ulladulla....South Coast of Aussie. Always have a beer in a Club...prices are subsidized by Slot Machines. Tooheys Beer in NSW is very good.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Boutique ales are now all teh rage 9and about time too). Taste more like proper beer than usual Aussie lagers. try James Squire, Coopers Pale Ale or Little Creatures.