Pattaya, Thailand

Lager in Pattaya is £1.65 GBP

Average using prices from 15 user(s).

Popular brands

leo,chang,Heineken draught

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Brand Price
Unknown £1.8 GBP
Leo £2 GBP
Unknown £1.35 GBP
Chang £1.62 GBP
Unknown £4.5 GBP
Heineken Draught £2 GBP
Archa Beer £0.85 GBP
Heineken £1.69 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Unknown £1.6 GBP
Chang £0.85 GBP
Hopf £4 GBP
Leo £1.2 GBP
All £3 GBP
Singha £1.65 GBP


Added on 21-May-2013
Local fresh brew from Hopf Bew House, which is located on Beach Road at the corner of Soi 13/1 – nicknamed Soi Yamato.

Added on 14-Dec-2012
Usually drink Heineken no pints goes warm

Added on 01-Jan-1970
People dont normally drink pints as it goes warm so 75 pence for a half druaght