Lager in Moscow is £2.01 GBP

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Popular brands

Faxe premium,Baltika 7,Hoegaarden

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Brand Price
Unknown £1.2 GBP
Unknown £1.5 GBP
Unknown £3.31 GBP
Unknown £1.01 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Unknown £1.51 GBP
Baltika 7 £2.01 GBP
Most Western Beers In Western Style Bars £4 GBP
Hoegaarden £4.02 GBP
Unknown £3 GBP
Locally Produced, Eg Baltika, Bochkarov £2 GBP
Kozel, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Lowenbrau, Hol £0.75 GBP
All £5 GBP
Russian Brands £5 GBP
Sibirskaya Korona £1.83 GBP
Guiness £6.71 GBP
Local Beer £3.5 GBP
Faxe Premium £0.83 GBP


Added on 29-Apr-2013
Prices as per April 2013 in Moscow for a half litre of beer are around 170-200 Rubles, this is for the local beer which is very nice, imported beers are a lot more expensive, I didn't venture out of Moscow city centre so it could be cheaper the further out you go but I found the prices comparible with most major capital cities in Europe.

Added on 31-Jul-2012
Beware! The prices lower than 1 pound surely for half-liter bottle. The cheapest local lager at a pub in Moscow will cost you over 2 pounds per half-liter, not a pint. Prices for licensed brands start at about 3 pounds and imported beers never cost less than 4.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Absolute bargain - You get more than a pint in a pint!! The beer is 1 pint and the head is added on top of that!! Great sitting to such a cheap pint and checking out the amazing gorgeous gals walking by. Russian woman (aged approx 20 - 35 )are all stunners