Montreal, Canada

Lager in Montreal is £3.38 GBP

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All non-imports,Most Brewpubs,Boreale

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Brand Price
All Non-imports £3.78 GBP
Unknown £3.24 GBP
Boreale £2.5 GBP
Unknown £1.62 GBP
Most Brewpubs £3.51 GBP
Any £5.23 GBP


Added on 04-Jun-2013
Downtown city bars are all charging 8 dollars a pint

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Sin City of the North! The drinking age starts at 13 and the lap dance lives on!

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Try the Boréale and Unibroue

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The price in Montreal would typically be 5-6 dollars. But you have to tip, probably an extra dollar. So the price is nearer 6-7 dollars i.e. 3 GBP. I don't believe the people who quote 2.13.