Lager in Leeds is £2.68 GBP

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Brand Price
Unknown £3.1 GBP
Stella Artois £2.6 GBP
Sam Smiths £1.45 GBP
Tetley £2.4 GBP
Tetleys £2 GBP
Stella, Warsteiner, £2.8 GBP
Unknown £2.5 GBP
Carling £2.8 GBP
Carlsberg £2.4 GBP
Fizzy Piss £0.99 GBP
Carlsberg £2.17 GBP
Theakstons £1.9 GBP
Fosters £2 GBP
Unknown £3.8 GBP
Theakstons £5.1 GBP
San Miguel £3.8 GBP
Stella 4% £4 GBP
Hop House £4.2 GBP
Carling £2.75 GBP
Carling £3.8 GBP


Added on 27-Nov-2017
Deer Park Roundhay

Added on 07-Aug-2013
Morley bottoms - £2 a pint all day long. Cheap beer and filthy women, what more could you want?

Added on 08-Jul-2013
My two locals one sells Carlsberg £1.99 and the over £2.35

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Ey up!

Added on 01-Jan-1970
good nightout, some pubs are under the £2 but trust me you wont want to pull in there.......