Hanoi, Vietnam

Lager in Hanoi is £0.4 GBP

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Bia Hoi,Tiger,Hanoi bia

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Brand Price
Unknown £0.46 GBP
Unknown £0.09 GBP
Unknown £0.09 GBP
Tiger £1 GBP
Hanoi / Halida £0.5 GBP
Unknown £0.14 GBP
Hanoi Bia £0.29 GBP
Lager £0.4 GBP
Hanoi Beer £0.4 GBP
Bia Ha Noi £0.6 GBP
Halida £0.42 GBP
Hanoi, Tiger £0.61 GBP
Bia Hoi £0.15 GBP
Bia Hoi £0.18 GBP
Hanoi £0.5 GBP
Unknown £0.2 GBP


Added on 10-Jul-2013
3000 dong (9p) for a glass, slightly over half a pint. I thought this was well known to be the cheapest beer in the world... Tastes great too!

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The majority of beer consumed in the north of the country (unlike the south, that has a mucher deeper western style bar and cuisine scene) is the style of 'bia hoi'. This is fresh beer that is brewed and is rumoured to not contain preservatives. It does not keep and is delived from teh brewery to the outlet and sold the same day. It is low in alcohol, somewhere around 2.5-3.2%. The standard price for a 350ml cup is 2500VND or roughly 17 US cents! It should be noted that this is the main stay of drinking culture in the north and that it is gradually fading as large brand canned and bottled beers become affordable to more people. Possibly replacing this cheap bia hoi is German Draft style beers most likly brewed in the same breweries using the same water, basic ingredients and oh-so-high levels of hygiene found commonly in Vietnam...but at a premuim price! Expect to pay around 8000VND per 380ml glass.