Galway, Ireland

Lager in Galway is £3.39 GBP

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Brand Price
Heineken £3.81 GBP
Most Beers £3.39 GBP
Guiness £2.54 GBP
Guinness £2.54 GBP
Unknown £3.39 GBP
Bulmers £3.39 GBP
Guiness £4.24 GBP
Lager, Heineken, Carlsberg £4.43 GBP
Guinness £3.57 GBP


Added on 01-Jan-1970
In the army barracks a pint is 2.20. Out the town its to dear, its 3.50, 5.00 is way off, someone is lieing to you.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Galway best easy going place in Ireland, every pub and club are great during the student. But pop into Taaffes on shop street and look for Dougal

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Ahhhh, the Barraks at Renmore - had a pint or two in there once upon a time. What the name of that pub on the corner of Eryre Sq - good pint in there and if I recall was CHEAP.

Added on 01-Jan-1970
the skeff

Added on 01-Jan-1970
The one and the Only place to have a great pint and a brilliant time!!!