Lager in Brno is £0.7 GBP

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Brand Price
Starobrno £0.08 GBP
Unknown £0.79 GBP
Starobrno £0.71 GBP
Staropramen £0.63 GBP
Starobrno £0.79 GBP
Kozel £0.53 GBP
Kozel £0.5 GBP
Starobrno £0.55 GBP
Unknown £1 GBP
Unknown £0.63 GBP
Unknown £0.57 GBP
Černohorsk√Ĺ £0.85 GBP
Svijany £0.68 GBP
Lobkowicz £1.27 GBP
Pilsner Urquell, Starobrno, Dalesicke £1 GBP
Starbrno £0.65 GBP
Many £0.87 GBP
Starobrno £1 GBP


Added on 04-Apr-2017
Several excelent local beers

Added on 14-Mar-2015
cheap as chips, fairly lively

Added on 22-Apr-2014
Seemed like average price for 0.5l of most beers was around 33 CZK. As low as 27 CZK in some places and as high as 55 CZK in the most central areas.