Beirut, Lebanon

Lager in Beirut is £1.01 GBP

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Al Maza,Almazza,almaza

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Brand Price
Unknown £3.26 GBP
Unknown £1.01 GBP
Unknown £1.01 GBP
Almaza £1.01 GBP
Unknown £2.51 GBP
Almazza £2.44 GBP
Unknown £2.44 GBP
Unknown £0.61 GBP
Al Maza £0.67 GBP


Added on 04-Oct-2016
The fixed price for a beer at a convenience store--from Tripoli to Tyre--is $1 or 1500ll. For the pint sized Al-Maza, it is usually 2000ll or $1.33. Imported beers and local craft beers (like 961 and Colonel) usually start around 2000ll upward. In a restaurant or bar, about 2.66$ is the cheapest you'll find and I've seen an Al Maza as high as $10