Bangkok, Thailand

Lager in Bangkok is £1.93 GBP

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Brand Price
Heineken £1.72 GBP
Singha £1.51 GBP
Leo £0.88 GBP
San Miguel £0.85 GBP
Chang £0.51 GBP
Heineken £1.69 GBP
Singha £0.85 GBP
Singha,heinekin £1.85 GBP
Carlsberg £6 GBP
Stella, Guinness, Tetleys, Old Speckled £4.75 GBP
Tiger £2.2 GBP
Singha £7 GBP
Chang £1 GBP
Chang £1 GBP
Chang £2 GBP
Chang £1.5 GBP
Chang £3 GBP
San Light £2.7 GBP
Leo, Chang, Singha £3.25 GBP
Chang £2.67 GBP
Unknown £2.01 GBP
Unknown £2.01 GBP


Added on 29-May-2014
Good local brew 6% or 5% for export - available all over Thailand

Added on 25-Apr-2013
Shangri La hotel bar,

Added on 21-Aug-2012
Local beer cheap, imported beer very expensive...

Added on 01-Jan-1970
kho shan rd in banglamphu is well cheap for thai whiskey and coke and bucket of ice - rocket fuel

Added on 01-Jan-1970
Supermarket prices are indeed 80p however places like Soi 33 charge about 2.50 GBP (180bt) for a bottle.